The Online Swap Meet has been up and running for several weeks now on the FSA web site and there are a number of member items listed for sale. Check it out! Note that member login is required in order to access the Online Swap Meet; the access button is shown when you press NEXT after logging in.

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    • 090607
      090607 says:

      Accessing the Online Swap Meet is really simple, but FIRST you have to log on to the FSA web site. After opening the fairfieldsportsmen.com page, click on the “Member Login Page” at the upper right corner; when that page opens there are very clear instructions about how to use your membership credentials to log in. After logging in and clicking “NEXT” you will see a page with “What Do You Want To Do” at the top. Simply click on “ONLINE SWAP MEET” and it will take you there.

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