2022 Small Bore Rifle League

FSA Small bore (22 cal.) Prone & 4-Position Monday Night Open League

 Season: April 11 thru Sept.12

 Time 6:00-9:00 P.M. Weather permitting Mondays

.22 cal. Target rifles only

 Range  set-up range & registration 5:00-6:00 P.M.  

 (Matches fired on Monday  holidays set-up & registration at 9:00 A.M.)

  All matches follow immediately after set-up & registration

 Course of Fire 50 Yard Prone & 50 Yard 4-Position (prone,sitting,kneeling,


 40 Record rounds 2 stages 5 record rounds per bull timed fire unlimited sighters

 Target A23-5 50 yard (prone & position shooters will be separated on the range)

 Location Right Side FSA Pistol Range set-up range & registration 5:00-6:00P.M.

  Course of Fire 100Yard Prone timed fire.

  (Note see match schedule for special requirements)

  Location FSA Rifle Range

  40 Record rounds 2 stages 10 record rounds per bull timed fire unlimited    


  Target A-25 100yard (prone)  

  All Match Fees  $5.00 per match

  Target scoring will take place after all matches are completed

  Competitors may select to shoot prone or position only, or both schedules.

  The league is registered with the NRA; competitors shooting the required       

  minimum number rounds will receive a small bore classification in one or both 

  categories {Note: NRA membership is required to receive a classification}

  Match rifles are available from FSA at matches for members only.

  Ammunition .22 cal standard velocity, lead round nose, only. (40 grain)

  Ammunition is available for sale for the match only at a reasonable price

  The first 5 weeks April 11 thru May 9 are introduction, instruction & practice for 

   all participants.

  New shooters are required to attend the 5 weeks of instruction and practice.

   If you have any questions contact Jon Beyer @ ”beyerjon80@gmail.com” 

   Phone 513-661-8929  Note: “email” preferred  I will reply ASAP