FSA’s annual membership renewal cycle will begin (as usual) next week. To make the process more efficient and save some club operating costs, we are using a slightly different process this year. For those members who have current email addresses on file with the club, the first renewal notice will be sent by email. Members should expect to receive that email early next week (week of 10/12). Members are encouraged to consider using the online payment option, available under the Members’ section of our website; however, traditional check-or-money-order through the US Mails will also, of course, be accepted. We anticipate that email notice and online payment will result in quicker badge delivery, as it cuts out 1/2 to 2/3 of the mailing time and most of the paper involved.

Members who do not have current emails on file with the club will receive traditional paper invoices through the mail. That mailing will be made next week, as usual. Please watch for your renewal notice, and renew your membership promptly.