Pete Petronio will hold a 3 gun match at the FSA Rifle Range on Sunday 7 May 2023 Time: 0900-1500.

Course of Fire will be 24 rounds for record (rifle) at 60 yards; 12 rounds for record (shotgun) at 20 yards; 30 rounds for record (pistol) at 15 yards.  Course may be shot twice — bring extra ammunition.

COST: $5

Permitted firearms:

Rifle: .223 or larger, any rifle, any sights.

Shotgun: Semi-auto, pump, double barrel (NO SLUGS)

Pistol:  9mm/.38 or larger, any pistol, any sights.

Questions: Contact Pete Petronio at OR

513-218-0817 (cell – days)

513-271-7044 (evenings)