Advanced Concealed Carry

Advanced Concealed Carry Training

July 21/22

We are proud to announce that we have invited local instructor Bob Jewell to teach his NEXT
LEVEL Self-defense Handgun class at Fairfield Sportsmen’s Association on July 21/22.
The class will start off in the classroom on Friday, July 21 from 6:00 – 9:00 PM and finish
on the range on Saturday, July 22 from 9:00 – Noon. The class is limited to the first ten
(10) participants who register and pay. You must have a valid Ohio Concealed Handgun
License to attend this class.
This class picks up where your state-required concealed carry class left off and focuses on
improving your ability to avoid a violent encounter, survive a violent encounter with your
handgun, and deal with the legal aftermath of a violent encounter. Participants will learn:

  • How to identify and avoid a potentially violent threat
  • How to develop rules of engagement for inside and outside the home
  • Legal issues associated with using your handgun in self-defense
  • What to say to law enforcement if you have had to use your handgun
  • What non-lethal gear you should carry if you’re carrying a handgun
  • How to draw your handgun from concealment and place accurate shots
    Cost: $165 per participant, payable in advance of the class.
    Equipment Requirements (What to Bring):
  • The handgun (revolver or semi-auto) that you regularly carry with at least 2
    magazines or speed loaders/strips for revolvers
  • A stiff leather or Kydex holster that can be mounted on your belt (no retention-device,
    pocket, bra, or purse holsters will be allowed for this class).
  • At least one spare magazine pouch that can be mounted on your belt
  • 100 rounds of full metal jacket ammunition (range ammo)
  • Sturdy gun belt
  • Concealment garment typical of the type you routinely use to conceal your handgun
  • Comfortable everyday clothes/shoes (no military/tactical/ninja gear unless that’s what
    you wear everyday)
  • Safety glasses and hearing protection
    Instructor: Bob Jewell is a Rangemaster Advanced and NRA Certified Instructor, a graduate
    of the Law of Self Defense Instructor Program, as well as an accomplished tactical shooter.
    He annually participates in firearms, legal, medical, and personal defense training from top
    national instructors such as Tom Givens, Dave Spaulding, and Craig Douglas.
    Registration: To register, contact Bob Jewell and mail a check or make an online payment
    via Venmo ( Payments must be received no later than
    30 days prior to the class.

Bob Jewell
7491 Sussex Drive
West Chester, OH 45069

PDF Version of Information

Skeet Fields Closed Monday, May 15th

Due to construction of new steps on high house Skeet Field #2 this Monday May 15th, both Skeet Fields will be close for safety concerns all day Monday.



   Openings for Individuals

 Open to Members and Non-Members

 Last for 10 weeks

Any team that needs a shooter or changes in squad please contact me.

 Make-ups and shoot ahead available for missing days, through week 10.

 Starts: Tuesday May 16, 2023

Team Trophies: For Class A, B, C, & D

Individual Trophies: For HOA, Class A, B, C, & D

Knife given for 50 Straight (one per entry, per league) 

 50 targets each night

 League Fees $25.00 ( One time per league )


   $10.00 per night for members

    $14.00 per night for non-member

 Any questions call Rick (513) 673-8499


There is a large number of new items listed for sale at the FSA Online Swap Meet, as a result of an estate sale on behalf of a deceased club member. Log in to the Members section and check it out.

Mother’s Day Early Close

Please be advised that FSA will close at 3pm on Sunday May 14 for Mother’s Day.

Monday Night Smallbore League

Fairfield Sportsmens Smallbore

                          2023 Match Schedule

    All matches begin @ 6:00 P.M. Mondays unless a special time is listed    

      on the scheduled day of the match.  Set-up & sign-in start @ 5:00 P.M.

      Note special time on Memorial Day, July 4 & Labor Day 

  April  10   50 yds  right pistol range practice & instruction (new shooters incl.)

    April   17   50 yds right side pistol range practice & instruction (new shooters incl.)

    April   24   50 yds right side pistol range practice & instruction (new shooters incl.)

    May      1   50 yds right side pistol range practice & instruction (new shooters incl.)

    May      8   Prone 100 yds rifle range practice

                 (see note 100 yd requirement at end of schedule)  

    May      15  50 yds prone 50 yds. right side pistol range

    May      22  50 yds 4-Position, or all prone, pistol range 

    May      29 Memorial Day  Start 9:00 AM  

    June       5    50 yds prone right side pistol range 

    June       12    50 yds 4-position right side pistol range or prone   

    June     19     50 yds. 4-position right side pistol range or prone   

    June     26   50 yds 4-position right side pistol range or prone

    July        3    50 yds 4-position right side pistol range or prone 

                        (Note: Possible change to 0900 hrs  due to Tues  July 4th  Holiday)

    July      10   100 yds prone rifle range (see note 100 yd requirement)

    July       17   50 yds prone right side pistol range

    July       24   50  yds 4-position right side pistol range or prone  

    July       31  100 yds. prone rifle range (see note 100 yd requirement)                                

    Aug       7    50 yds prone right side pistol range                                                                          

    Aug     14   50 yds 4-position or prone right side pistol range

    Aug     21  100 yds rifle range (see note 100 yd requirement)  

    Aug     28    50 yds prone right side of pistol range  

    Sept      4    Labor  Day 100 yds prone rifle range start 0900 hrs    

    Sept    11  50 yds 4-position or prone right side pistol range ; last match)

 Note: 100 yd requirement. Any shooter that participates at 100yds. must first

              demonstrate the ability to keep all rounds within the “black scoring rings”

              at the 50 yard range in the prone position and have the approval of the match 

              director or qualify at the May 9  practice session on the rifle range at 100 

              yards. The only alternative to the above is to have a valid NRA small bore or 

              high power rifle  qualification card  to present to the match director prior to 

              their first 100 yard  match.  Bench shooters cannot participate in the 100 yard 

              matches due to safety requirements as you will be forward of  “the Wall “

              on prone firing line. 

              Regardless all rounds are to impact in the berms behind the targets on any

              range.  Anyone that cannot maintain rounds impacting in the berm area              

              will be required to leave the range immediately and prohibited from 

              further FSA smallbore competition.  Match directors are to report rounds 

              out of the berm area to the RSO and the name of the competitor.  This               

              applies even to a single round.   

              There are no exceptions to the above due to range safety requirements.

             If you wish a small bore NRA classification in both disciplines of prone and

             4- position you must fire the minimum number of rounds in each category to 

             receive a classification in each category. 

             See NRA small bore rule book for requirement for minimum rounds required.

                                                                                                  Jon Beyer

                                                                                                 Match Director

                                                                                                 (513) 661-8929

2023 Hot Shots

FSA has an exciting 2023 Youth Shooting Sports Program. From May to October youth have the opportunity to
participate in either FSA’s archery, 4-position Smallbore Rifle program or shotgun (Skeet or Trap)
program.  FSA’s Youth Shooting Sports Program is open to all youth ages 8 to 18 (male or female) and does not
require club membership, so invite your friends. We’ll meet at FSA the second Saturday each month from 9:00
to 12:00 for instruction and practice.  For youth desiring to become more serious, Hot Shots is an entry point for
the FSA Air Rifle Team and SCTP Lead Slingers Shotgun teams.  Hot Shots is an opportunity for youth who
want to shoot for pleasure or work toward shooting competitively. In the Hot Shots Program they will progress
through the NRA Winchester Marksmanship Program earning awards as they go.
New this year is our archery program available for youth up to 18 years old. The youth should have the
physical strength to pull back a 25 pound bow and the mental and emotional maturity to participate in a coached
sport. FSA will provide bows, arrows, and eye protection.
4-Position Smallbore Rifle-
Youth 8 to 18 years of age will receive instruction on shooting from 4 positions (prone, sitting, kneeling, and
standing) a .22 caliber target rifle utilizing a sling.  As competency increases, the marksmen move to higher
(more difficult) positions.  We’ll follow the NRA 4-position small bore program guidelines.  FSA will provide
rifles, ammo, targets, ear protection, and eye protection.  The youth will need to bring to each practice: a pair of
gloves, 2 sweat shirts, and a pad or piece of carpet to lie on.
 The shotgun program is open to youth up to 18 years of age.  The youth should be approximately 100 lbs. and
have the physical strength to handle a shotgun and the mental and emotional maturity to participate in a team
sport. Youth will be introduced to Trap or Skeet disciplines and will receive instruction to develop shotgun
shooting skills. FSA will provide shotguns, ammo, ear and eye protection, and targets. 
For 2023 we plan to have registration on April 22 nd . At this time we’re not limiting the number of youth
participants.  We will conduct NRA First Steps Rifle and Shotgun Certification training on April 22 nd .  First
Steps will be mandatory all youth joining Hot Shots for the first time and recommended for parents.
The cost to participate is $30 per shooting youth for the summer (cash or check).  The fee offsets a small portion
of FSA’s cost of targets, ear and eye protection, ammunition, NRA First Steps packet, and awards.
Next Steps:
We will have a meeting on April 22nd at 8:30 A.M. in the FSA Education Building to review programs,
equipment needs, answer questions, and register youth which will be followed by First Steps Training for youth
entering the program for the first time while returning shooters will report to the ranges for shooting practice.
If in the meantime if you’d like additional information please feel free to email either Brian Ferneding
–  or Jon Beyer –
April 22 nd   First Steps Training and Sign Ups
May 13 th Hot Shots Practice
June 10 th     Hot Shots Practice
July 8 th        Hot Shots Practice          
Aug 12 th         Hot Shots Practice
Sep 9 th        Hot Shots Practice
Oct 14 th         Hot Shots Practice and Pizza Party with Awards