What is Airgun Field Target?

The goal of this sport is to provide the most fun possible while using an air gun!  We combine the attributes and precision of formal bull’s-eye shooting with the instant gratification of seeing targets fall.  We shoot at unmarked distances like they do in 3-D Archery.  Our matches are set up in a natural hunting type environment where the shooter must take into account varied distances and wind.  A typical lane is shown in the image below.  There you have it, Air Rifle Field Target!

We use scoped adult air rifles in either .177, .20, or .22 calibers and limit the amount of power to no greater than 20 fpe (foot pounds of energy).  This limit has a two-fold purpose, 1, safety and 2, to minimize target damage.  Although any of the three calibers is allowed, .177 is the one most often seen in use.  BBs are NOT allowed primarily because of the safety hazard due to ricochets.

We shoot at steel targets usually resembling small game animals; rabbits, squirrels, crows, etc. These targets have a hole, or “kill zone” (KZ) located on the front.  The KZ may be as small as 3/8″ diameter and as large as 1-3/4″. Behind the KZ hole is a steel paddle that triggers the target to fall when struck by a pellet passing through the hole. The target is then reset by pulling a string that extends from the target to the firing line. A pellet hitting the face of the target (Not passing through the hole in the face) will lock up the linkage preventing the target from falling.  The image below is an example of a target that we use.


A typical match might be 15 lanes with two targets on each lane and two shots per target for a total of 60 shots. Targets are set at unmarked distances between 10 and 55 yards. Although a clear line of sight is required according to the rules, we strive to position the targets in as natural a setting as possible using all the terrain features, existing vegetation, and obstacles that are available to make the course as realistic as possible.  The matches usually provide two hours + of premium shooting fun!  All you really needed to get started shooting with us are a scoped pellet rifle, some pellets, and a bucket or cushion to sit on.

Field Target Airgun Rules

* – Introduction text and pictures courtesy of Northeast Ohio Airgunners