Benchrest Air Rifle Match Report 8-16-2020

(Match report prepared by Jeff Swartz)

The inaugural 2020 Airgun Benchrest match at Fairfield Sportsmen’s Association was held on August 16th.  Nine shooters from 3 states (Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania) showed up to compete against each other and against the frequently shifting winds.

Everyone chose to enter the ASA 3-Card Challenge and therefore all scoring was done with a .35 caliber plug, the maximum caliber allowed by ASA rules.  The competition had the competitors shoot two cards with the total score being used to determine the top half of the field that would compete in the finals.  Four shooters were using a .30 cal, three used a .25 cal and two shot a .22 cal.  The leader after two rounds was Donnie Reed with a 457 total (shooting impressive scores of 231 and 226).  Following him was Jerry Kornfield with a 447 and Anna Rose Spanagel with a 440.  The other 2 also making the finals were Jeff Swartz with a 429 and Ryan Spanagel with a 424.  The slate was then wiped clean and this top 5 group shot one final card, the score of which would determine the winner.  The winds got more difficult as the day progressed and the finals saw left to right winds shift abruptly to right to left several times.  In the end, Jeff Swartz shot his high score of the day, a 227 to take first place.  Closed behind him was Donnie Reed with a 225 and Jerry Kornfield with a 221.  In addition to awards for the top 3 shooters in the ASA 3-card challenge, we also awarded high score of the day to both big bore (>.22) and small bore (<=.22).  In big bore, Donnie Reed took the 1st and 3rd scores and Jeff Swartz had the 2nd highest.  In small bore, Jerry Kornfield shot the 1st and 2nd highest scores and Tim Swan had the 3rd highest.

We would like to thank the Airgun Benchrest Channel for donating a scope phone cam to be raffled off.  Due to my mistake it was left on the line instead of being brought into the air conditioned room we used to score and pass out awards.  By the time we went back outside more than half of the participants had already left.  We will raffle it off at the next benchrest event on 9/20.  Thank you to all who attended.

Jeff Swartz and Ryan Spanagel